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Flamenco is not understood without the accompaniment of the world-famous Spanish guitar and its characteristic ‘toque’. Neither is a guitar conceived without the work of the guitarist, a centennial art that overcomes the years and still endures in our city.

Nor is the Spanish guitar such an icon without the intervention of the guitarist, a centennial art form which has stood the test of time and still endures in our city.

The flamenco guitar artists play the chords most associated with flamenco.. The ‘toque’ is not exempt from a purified technique, from the ‘picado’ and ‘tremolo’, through to the ‘rasgueado’ or ‘alzapúa’.

The late Paco de Lucía took the flamenco guitar around the world. Nowadays, Tomatito, Manolo Sanlúcar, Vicente Amigo and Pepe Habichuela represent the best of the Spanish guitar.

They have been and continue to be an example for many of the guitarists or ‘tocaores’ of Granada, including of course, the artists from the Sacromonte area,  the birth place of flamenco. In Tablao La Alboreá we enjoy the best: Rafael Fajardo, César Cubero, José ‘El Pirata’, Manuel Carmona, Camarón de Pitita, Kiki Corpas and occasionally the great Jerónimo Maya.

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