spectacle flamenco.

Avec 2 spectacles chaque jour (19:00 et 20:45), ne manquez pas la chance de profiter du meilleur spectacle flamenco en live de Grenade.

  • This flamenco show in Granada is truly impressive and offers the audience an excellent cultural experience. Although the environment in which the show takes place is not entirely dignified, the overall impression of the show is significantly positive. I recommend it to any visitor to Granada who is looking for authentic and memorable entertainment.

    thumb Aleš Gába
    avril 22, 2024

    A truly unforgettable experience! We purchased the VIP seats and were glad we did. We ended up being seated in the first row with an amazing view of the performers! The entire show was mesmerizing. The dancers had such intensity and were incredibly talented. The guitarist was phenomenal. And the vocalist had so much passion and talent. We enjoyed every minute!

    thumb Monica Ahn
    avril 20, 2024

    The show was very inspiring and all the group loved it. The seats are well set and you can see the stage well. We loved the experience 🤎

    thumb Anelia Haradinova
    avril 2, 2024
  • Great show, highly recommended! We reserved first row tickets and although it’s a small theatre we think it’s worth it. We had 4 artists incl. 2 dancers, one male one female, all were great! Sorry no pictures since videos can’t be uploaded.

    thumb Knud Wencke
    mars 22, 2024

    Highly recommendable experience. The artists change daily; it is great to have a mixture. I would have liked to hear them for even longer.

    thumb Lucia Luna Valverde
    mars 21, 2024

    What a spectacular show I saw here! Both the male and female dancers were extremely good in their performance and I have seen quite a few flamenco shows living in spain for almost 7 years. This show I attended brought smile to my face and also tears in my eyes. It was quite an experience watching such good performances of the dancers as well as the singer and the guitarist. Would highly recommend!

    thumb Rubaiya Binte Hussain
    janvier 14, 2024
  • It was a truly impressive flamenco performance. It was an even more impressive performance because I could feel the anger and resentment on the female dancer’s expression. The male dancer was quite famous and it was a really great performance. I highly recommend you visit once.

    thumb M Pak
    décembre 22, 2023

    Nice show! Interestingly enough, the singer had a really amazing voice (Sometimes these flamenco singers sound like dying cows), but he was actually very talented! Additionally, the guitarist was also super talented and the dancers were very good also. Very nice show. And if you are interested in seeing a little bit more of a very professional and talented guitar player, the guitarist plays a little bit more of a time here solo. Of course there is still flamingo dancing, but the guitarist is probably the star of the show. (November 18, 2023)

    thumb SD M
    décembre 9, 2023

    One of the most amazing flamenco show I’ve ever seen. Great experience and hundred procent recommend to attend if you are in Granada. Just talented and passionate artists.

    thumb Elena Chiper
    novembre 13, 2023

Spectacle flamenco à Grenade

Tablao Flamenco

La Alboreá

La Alboreá est née avec la ferme intention d’offrir un nouveau départ sur la scène du Flamenco à Grenade.

Jouir du Flamenco

le plus pur et traditionnel

Profitant de son emplacement très touristique près de la majestueuse Plaza Nueva, La Alboreá vous accueille sept jours sur sept. Le spectacle d’environ une heure pour les voyageurs, les amateurs de flamenco ou simplement les curieux qui souhaitent en savoir un peu plus, sur cet art centenaire déclaré Patrimoine culturel immatériel de l’Humanité.

Un spectacle flamenco

plus naturel et authentique

À La Alboreá le public peut sentir jusqu’au plus profond de soi l’atmosphère enveloppant du flamenco pendant une heure de spectacle.
Le charme du danseur ainsi que celui de la danseuse, les mouvements des doigts du guitariste, le regard brûlant de la danseuse…  En définitive un spectacle qui vous fera découvrir le flamenco traditionnel, le flamenco professionnel, le vrai flamenco de Grenade.

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