Con 2 espectáculos cada día (19:00 y 20:45), no te pierdas la oportunidad de disfrutar del mejor flamenco en vivo de Granada.

  • review rating 4  Nice place Professional artists. Tipical flamenco dancers, singer, and guitar player.. Very close experience in a very nice place where you can have a drink while you enjoy the show. Close to the city centre Friendly staff Very much recommended in your visit to Granada We enjoyed very much the show

    thumb Antonio SM

    review rating 5  Great show, highly recommend compared to other tourist “traps”.

    thumb Razvan Gabriel Robu

    review rating 5  We enjoyed the show. We were there for the show at 8:45 p.m., 20 euro for adult. We got the ticket at our hotel so the hotel made the reservation for us just about two hours before show time. According to our hotel receptionist, 8:45 p.m. show is guaranteed. The 7 p.m. is based on the number of reservations / guests. They might cancel and move you to the later show. You may need to call or email them to reserve a seat.

    thumb wed ding
  • review rating 5  This was a truly authentic flamenco performance. The cantaor,( singer) ‘s solo cante pa’adelante and accompanying cante pa’atras were rendered with excellent vocalization and emotional impact. The guitar playing had deft alzapúa with the thumb and high notes in trémolo, just a joy. The baile (dances) were the heart of the show. Both the woman and the man brought energy and emotion culminating in the most frenetic zapateado that was just thrilling. Thoroughly enjoyable evening with a bottle of delicious verdejo.

    thumb Jayant Joshi

    review rating 5  My girlfriend and I went and totally loved it. This is the best example of a great and passsionate art that everyone should experience. My only complaint is that the time went by too fast.

    thumb Rich Goldstein

    review rating 5  Best flamenco tablao in Granada. They recommended it to us, a magical place that you can’t miss if you want to get to know good flamenco, and the staff is very friendly and helpful, which undoubtedly gives me the highest score.

    thumb Dani ruiz medina
  • review rating 5  Stumbled across this by chance. Amaaaaazing dancers, and musicians. Paco Fernandez was a sight to behold, such strength and passion in his performance. Go and see this show.

    thumb Barbara Doogan

    review rating 5  I was kind of reserved to go after reading the negative reviews, but decided to check out myself. Excellent performance. The one hour journey of passion and energy went by like 10 minutes. I think 17 euros is not much for such a performance. My special thanks to the performers. The guitarist, singer and both dancers were amazing. Nice closure to my stay in beautiful Granada.

    thumb Ashod Martirossian

    review rating 5  Breathtaking performance ! Intense and passionate, was a real treat when travelling in this region. There are many options in Granada, but this is an authentic gem ! We bought tickets at Slovak gift shop and were able to get a discount, one drink is included, wifi is available – as is photography. Nice small venue!

    thumb Mo Kap

Espectáculo Flamenco Granada

Tablao Flamenco

La Alboreá

El Tablao Flamenco La Alboreá se encuentra en un entorno privilegiado de la ciudad de Granada, justo en el centro histórico de la capital, a pocos minutos de los principales puntos de interés turístico, como son Albaicín, Plaza Nueva, Alhambra, Catedral o Sacromonte.

Disfrute del Flamenco

más Puro y Tradicional

Esta situación idónea se complementa a la perfección con un espacio único y acogedor donde cada día se conjura el cante, el toque y el baile en un espectáculo de flamenco tradicional, a la vez que profesional y sobre todo, muy puro.

Una vez dentro de La Alboreá, el asistente tiene la posibilidad de elegir entre la cercanía al tablao en el graderío principal, con cómodas butacas numeradas e individuales, o el ambiente íntimo de nuestros reservados en la planta superior, donde se sirven nuestras exquisitas cenas con las que podrá complementar su velada flamenca.


El Espectáculo de Flamenco

más Natural y Auténtico

Gracias a la acústica del local, podrá disfrutar del flamenco en vivo más natural y auténtico en nuestro espectáculo de flamenco Granada. La decoración sobria y cuidada y la iluminación cálida, recrean una atmósfera especial, colorida e íntima.

La proximidad del público, muy cerca del tablao, permite al asistente vibrar con la pasión y el sentimiento ligado a este arte multicultural patrimonio de la Unesco.

Un complemento indispensable para el correcto desarrollo de la velada flamenca es el personal de sala, altamente cualificado y con conocimientos en idiomas como el inglés, francés, italiano o alemán.

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