Con 2 espectáculos cada día (19:00 y 20:45), no te pierdas la oportunidad de disfrutar del mejor flamenco en vivo de Granada.

  • 5 star review  We booked our tickets well in advance and weren’t sure wether we will end up going or not because we didn’t have a great experience in a different one in Madrid in the past but this one was really really nice and we didn’t feel like one hour was too long. The dancers were amazing and you can feel their emotions. I highly recommend it. The only down side is once you sat you can’t really get up again to get to the bathroom or get something to drink because of the seating style.

    thumb Chiara G

    5 star review  We had an incredible night. Went with our 1year old daughter and they were very accommodating with the pram etc. The flamenco show was a delight. Very passionate. They are very talented. Highly recommended. They have discounts if you do the free Granada tour first.

    thumb Rocío Dalton

    5 star review  Beautiful performance and magnificent experience. From the singer and guitar player to dancers, it was all about emotions. You could feel their love, pain, passion… The audience part is a little to small (you sit shoulder to shoulder) but it allows you te be really close to the stage. I highly recommend.

    thumb Marija Lučić
  • 5 star review  Amazing performance! The singer had beautiful voice, guitarist was great and the dancers were perfect! They poured their feelings in this dance and gave their best. For this experience it was even too cheap as five people performed live! Foreigners would pay more for this for sure as it’s very labor intensive.

    thumb Angela Gjekanovikj

    5 star review  Amazing performance! Two extraordinary dancers and a very gifted musician. The singer was also extremely talented. I highly recommend this! Will definitely be returning soon!

    thumb Emily the fairy Queen

    5 star review  Absolutely amazing show! 100% recommend. Wonderful performance and really friendly staff. We’ll definitely be going again when we’re back in Granada. Wonderful!

    thumb Kheli Brown
  • 5 star review  It was a shocking performance. Each performer individually and then they work so great together. Well and then the little boy, probably the singer’s son, is guaranteed to have success in front of him. After years of watching dozens of performances, I can recommend this to everyone.

    thumb Hannu Laitio

    5 star review  This was my first time ever to experience the art of flamenco. Amazing singing, guitar and .. the dance which , I hope, expressed what the songs were about. (My Spanish skills aren’t impressing) Very intense. For a moment the world outside was forgotten. I recommend spending an hour here. My daughter and I will gladly return when in Granada another time. Thank you.

    thumb B Kristensen

    5 star review  I have been living in Granada for several years and I visited quite some flamenco places. I really like la Alborea as I have never been disappointed by their show. Great dancers and musicians! The place is managed by a family from Granada and you notice they put their heart and soul in their business.

    thumb Marjo Di Parigi

Espectáculo Flamenco Granada

Tablao Flamenco

La Alboreá

El Tablao Flamenco La Alboreá se encuentra en un entorno privilegiado de la ciudad de Granada, justo en el centro histórico de la capital, a pocos minutos de los principales puntos de interés turístico, como son Albaicín, Plaza Nueva, Alhambra, Catedral o Sacromonte.

Disfrute del Flamenco

más Puro y Tradicional

Esta situación idónea se complementa a la perfección con un espacio único y acogedor donde cada día se conjura el cante, el toque y el baile en un espectáculo de flamenco tradicional, a la vez que profesional y sobre todo, muy puro.

Una vez dentro de La Alboreá, el asistente tiene la posibilidad de elegir entre la cercanía al tablao en el graderío principal, con cómodas butacas numeradas e individuales, o el ambiente íntimo de nuestros reservados en la planta superior, donde se sirven nuestras exquisitas cenas con las que podrá complementar su velada flamenca.


El Espectáculo de Flamenco

más Natural y Auténtico

Gracias a la acústica del local, podrá disfrutar del flamenco en vivo más natural y auténtico en nuestro espectáculo de flamenco Granada. La decoración sobria y cuidada y la iluminación cálida, recrean una atmósfera especial, colorida e íntima.

La proximidad del público, muy cerca del tablao, permite al asistente vibrar con la pasión y el sentimiento ligado a este arte multicultural patrimonio de la Unesco.

Un complemento indispensable para el correcto desarrollo de la velada flamenca es el personal de sala, altamente cualificado y con conocimientos en idiomas como el inglés, francés, italiano o alemán.

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