Con 2 espectáculos cada día (19:00 y 20:45), no te pierdas la oportunidad de disfrutar del mejor flamenco en vivo de Granada.

  • The great things about this show: it’s centrally located and easy to get to from public transportation, the show is on a stage so you can see them from every corner of the room, the artists do a lovely job, and the price is very good. Watch them all coordinate the dancing, the singing, the clapping and the foot stomping and you will realize how in tune they have to be with each other as a group performance, they wouldn’t be sweating on stage for 60 min if it was all simple. Also, the young guy at the front desk, curly hair, was super welcoming and friendly, a great host. We got the basic tickets and ended up getting a round of drinks before the show.

    thumb Gresa Balaj
    septiembre 22, 2023

    My wife and I both enjoyed the show a lot. Frankly, it was much better than I expected. The two dancers, singer, and guitarist were all excellent! The show lasts an hour, and all of it is very entertaining. I suggest going to the theater and buying your tickets in advance.

    thumb Rod T.
    septiembre 20, 2023

    Wonderful performances from entire cast. Amazing guitar, voice and flamenco dancers. Bravo!

    thumb Carla Paras-Sison
    septiembre 15, 2023
  • Wonderful show with spectacular performers. Recommend for those that want a taste of flamenco.

    thumb Rick Nelon
    septiembre 11, 2023

    We booked the first raw and were literally at 1 meter from the artists. The show was a bit short, the chairs not super comfy, but the show itself was amazing. It really worth 25€ (20 for raws 2 or 3, 12€/kids). There are also higher packages with drinks and or tapas. Better to book in advance.

    thumb Roméo Dimier Degrange
    agosto 8, 2023

    Excellent evening. Very professional dancers, great skilled guitarist and singer. We enjoyed the emotional performances and effort. The timing of the show was good for us travelling from Baza too. Good value for money. Thank you.

    thumb Angela Andrews
    junio 30, 2023
  • Went there very spontaneously after ascending from Alhambra. We just passed by and asked whether we can still enter. So they let us in even though the show started 5min ago and even gave us a discount. The dancers just wow. Especially the woman😍 I am an experienced dancer and this was my first live flamenco show ever. High level of dancers and the communication between them and the musicians was on spot. Definitely to recommend to anyone who wants to see some passion and art for an affordable price !

    thumb Maja Ramba Milicevic
    junio 27, 2023

    It was recommended to me by a friend to come here for a spectacular flamenco show and didn’t regret it. It wasn’t my first flamenco show experience but this one is definitely the best! The dancers, singer, are all very talented and skilful ! Can’t say enough to recommend them. Very excellent experience. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an authentic flamenco performance..

    thumb Dea Rynanda
    junio 17, 2023

    Fantastic experience. The dancers were very good, mesmerising. Our son had paid for us to sit upstairs and have a platter of mixed meats, cheese and bread which made the night. I would definitely recommend the show.

    thumb Tricia Morris
    mayo 14, 2023

Espectáculo Flamenco Granada

Tablao Flamenco

La Alboreá

El Tablao Flamenco La Alboreá se encuentra en un entorno privilegiado de la ciudad de Granada, justo en el centro histórico de la capital, a pocos minutos de los principales puntos de interés turístico, como son Albaicín, Plaza Nueva, Alhambra, Catedral o Sacromonte.

Disfrute del Flamenco

más Puro y Tradicional

Esta situación idónea se complementa a la perfección con un espacio único y acogedor donde cada día se conjura el cante, el toque y el baile en un espectáculo de flamenco tradicional, a la vez que profesional y sobre todo, muy puro.

Una vez dentro de La Alboreá, el asistente tiene la posibilidad de elegir entre la cercanía al tablao en el graderío principal, con cómodas butacas numeradas e individuales, o el ambiente íntimo de nuestros reservados en la planta superior, donde se sirven nuestras exquisitas cenas con las que podrá complementar su velada flamenca.


El Espectáculo de Flamenco

más Natural y Auténtico

Gracias a la acústica del local, podrá disfrutar del flamenco en vivo más natural y auténtico en nuestro espectáculo de flamenco Granada. La decoración sobria y cuidada y la iluminación cálida, recrean una atmósfera especial, colorida e íntima.

La proximidad del público, muy cerca del tablao, permite al asistente vibrar con la pasión y el sentimiento ligado a este arte multicultural patrimonio de la Unesco.

Un complemento indispensable para el correcto desarrollo de la velada flamenca es el personal de sala, altamente cualificado y con conocimientos en idiomas como el inglés, francés, italiano o alemán.

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